Gloria Garza

Gloria Garza-Wells, a native of Arizona, began her dance career in Tucson, AZ with Ballet Folklorico Mexica.  As her passion grew for the arts, she not only learned more about her culture but also grew personally and professionally, truly understanding how much dance can support growth in various ways.  She started the Instituto de Folklor Mexicano, a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization in 2014.  It's mission is to provide an education-based curriculum of traditional Mexican folklore, giving dancers a sense of pride as well as self-esteem, confidence, and discipline.  Her vision for the institution is to  provide a substantial amount of attention to cultural activities and programs as an option for the socio-cultural development of the community lacking its identity.

Gloria’s passion for dance and community led her to continue her education at Arizona State University, earning a secondary education degree in history and dance education.  She continues to share her vision within the community she lives and supports through various initiatives, currently lending her unique perspective to Chandler4Change.  Always humble yet driven, she urges her students to be a voice within their communities and as a social studies teacher, she has already made an impact on young lives.  It is clear that her goals of supporting the Chandler community, improving cultural diversity, and increasing connectivity between the community are not only Gloria’s passions but a reality in the making.