april 8, 2021



In Progress

Historic South Chandler—Peggy (pegatha27@gmail.com)

o Update

§ Provided update on current needs and High Level Plan developed

§ Collaboration with Rodney Love and community with completion of checklist created

o Names of interested

§ Peggy, Gloria, Dr. G, Shawn M, provide additional from survey interest

Healthcare—Christina (christina@culturacommunications.com)

o Kits

§ Use the kits

· Provide to UCANN, Unsheltered in Maricopa and Chandler

o New projects

§ Discuss at next determined mtg

LatinX—Gloria (folkloricoaz@gmail.com)

o Community development

§ Reaching out to POC families on disconnect in Education/community

§ Met with Black Mothers Forum, LEVE (forming)

· Find connections and collaborate

o Anthony Cano and current activities

§ Demonstrations by family

· Goal to have Police officer fired

· Next one May 27

o Other community parent groups

§ Identify, meet, collaborate

Mobile Park—CC (Celia.Cantabrana@chandleraz.gov) and Gloria

o Divide and canvas the communities

§ Begin to develop trust with community

§ Spanish speaking need

· CC, Violeta, Jetaun, others?

§ At least 3 communities

§ CC to define

· Children impact

o Community support, knowledge

· Availability to residents

o Resources, renovations, food support, health information, etc

§ Collaborate with mapping and resources

o CC, Notiosha, Shawn M, Violeta, Dr. G (family—Jetaun)

· AMI Financial update—Lynne

o Fees

o Grants—Notiosha

· Juneteenth—Michael (michaelfr13@gmail.com), Lynne, Gloria, Shawn

o Initial start information

§ Theme “Freedom Day”

§ Meeting next week to initiate next steps

§ Collaborate with multiple organizations/businesses, etc., in Chandler

· Booths, Food Trucks, Vendors, Performances,

§ Downtown Garage park to Folley Park

o Michael to connect C4C members after initial mtg on 4/14

· Education—Shawn

o City



· Chandler Pride connection

o Meeting soon with President

· Meetings with CPD


o Chief and Asst Chief

§ Census

· Notiosha, Violeta, Shawn M, Lynne, Dr. G, Shawn C

o Generate information/questions, etc

§ Send to Shawn M with thoughts, ideas, questions

§ Collaboration/voice request

· HRC upcoming meeting

· Criminal Justice Pipeline—Michael, Gloria, Shawn

o Presentation to CGCC

· Bank setup

o Friday May 9

· By-Laws

o Work to finalize development and review at May 6 mtg

§ Or update on status

Projects of Interest from our list?

· Who/What/Next steps?

o None discussed

Next Meeting set for May 6, 2021 at 6pm

· Committees above to meet

o Use C4C project template

§ Report out, discussion, interest at May 6 mtg