August 20, 2020

20, 2020

Subcommittees lead the meeting reviewing discussions and project ideas during the days between 8/7 and 8/19. Each shared out with the following:

· Housing (Southside Community Coalition update)

o New properties in the South Chandler area are being reviewed

§ Looking at vacant lots/land

§ Redevelopment ideas/discussions/plans taking place

§ Goal is to rehabilitate homes to code, build others then sell with ownership of the land

o Discussing and identifying areas for community engagement

o 5 priorities areas direct the focus:

1. Community Stabilization and Sustainability

2. Community Engagement

3. Increasing awareness of their Brand

4. Expansion to underserved people and communities

5. Organizational Financial Stability

o Chris will share out activities and projects for C4C to participate, support, and leverage support and volunteerism potentially at the 9/3 meeting.

· Healthcare

o Identify areas of need or lack of care

o Develop pamphlets of information regarding resources, COVID, insurance, and health services

o Create educational information to provide to families and to hand out at identified community events

o Interest in developing COVID kits to disseminate at identified locations, events and activities, and/or walk neighborhoods to provide

· Education

o Reviewed current Virtual Town Halls that have taken place with select students/parents

§ Black voice on 7/28 and 7/30

§ LatinX voice on 8/25 and 8/27

§ Asian voice Oct, Native voice Nov, LGBTQ-IA voice Jan, White voice Feb, culmination April

o Reviewed discussion regarding review of curriculum at an Administrative level

§ Network with Dr. Sallu from CUSD on how C4C may be able to assist support other forums or focus groups for student and families voices (pos or neg)

o Suggested to connect with the City Youth initiative as they are working to support youth in Chandler and collaborating with CUSD currently

o Consider branching out to make connections with ASU/NAU/GCU on ways to collaborate, provide information, identify interest in C4C from said Universities

§ Dr. Crawford will lead effort of connection and next steps

o Collaborate with CGCC and MCC to connect with programs, projects, and current students/faculty/staff on issues of concern or success

· Social Media

o Work to launch Twitter, Instagram

§ FB running currently

o Post logo and mission

§ Previous events to highlight

§ Collect information to post surrounding C4C mission

· Issues in Chandler

§ Considering book club

· GenZ

o Meeting with Social Media subcommittee

§ Use social media as an awareness forum for all ages to educate and generate voice and interest

o Seek out/Recruit/invite individuals under 30s to meetings, projects, volunteerism

o Work with CUSD, community centers, charters to volunteer and meeting young people (mentorship)

o Considering a book club

· Cultural Events

o Discussion of a Black History Month celebration

o Work with other groups in area to support and to hold an event

§ More information from Chris as CCA, Museum, and Southside Comm Coalition have in the works at next meeting

o Niki to provide events of the past, been cancelled, initial discussions/ideas from community groups

o Looking to support city cultural initiatives

· Projects

o Slam poetry contest

o Cultural Event support/creation/identification

o Art contest and identify location for public viewing

o COVID kits

o Coffee w/a cop (CPD/SROs)

o Voting (party/candidate/platform) awareness for upcoming election

o Caravan #2

o Book club

o Pay it forward

o Virtual forum/focus group on issues/voice to city council, CPD, Hospitals, etc

o Neighborhood beautification also historical identifications

o South Chandler Toys in the Park development

o TedTalks—develop and/or ID topics to show on social media and website

o Job assistance (resume writing, application assistance, jobs available)

o Connect with companies, organizations, small businesses on initiatives and spreading the word

o LGBTQ+ voice support

· Taglines

o JustUs

o JustUs4all (or JustUs for all)

o I stand and I demand

o I can do better (joint effort)

o Won’t you be my neighbor

o Hearseeact

o heeUseeUact4U

o opportunity4change

o change4equity

o together4change

o working4equity

Members will work with subcommittees to continue activity ideas and share out next steps and/or progress

Next meeting set for Thursday Sept 3, 2020 at 6pm via ZOOM.