Sept 7, 2021


Meeting Agenda

8/25/21 6pm


Projects in action

o South Chandler Neighborhood Project

  • Update (no deadline)

Peggy is out of the country right now

Peggy is still working on the South Chandler Neighborhood Project

o Playground program is still in progress

Working with the City on a preservation/conservation designation

o Planning and Development

§ Conservation and Preservation are two separate designations

Dr G is working on taking pictures of houses in the designated area

Suggesting members meet at the City Museum

o Relay for Unity (usually Sept/Oct)

  • Overview and approval

  • Bahai faith community is working on this for some years

  • Originally at Tumbleweed

  • Hope to make this event grow

  • Fundraiser – donate $ to multicultural

  • Approx $2000 cost

o For Our City Day


  • Oct 23 from 7am until 1pm

  • Approx. 1500 people volunteer

  • Need volunteers (committed to 15 people)

  • Focus on community (neighborhoods, cleaning yards, etc.)

  • Galveston neighborhood looking for exterior improvement

  • City provides all supplies, we supply labor

  • Celebration at Gazelle Meadows Park at the end of the

o Robles Unstoppable Foundation

  • October 23

  • Chandler High School

  • Walk / Run / Skate

  • Organization to help underserved youth get scholarships

o Celebrating Nation Hispanic Month (mid-September until mid-October)

  • Niki and City of Chandler events

9/15 through 10/15

Events every weekend

o DJ in the Park kick-off

o Then Galveston Elementary Event (see below)

o Then Asian Moon Fest at Tumbleweed

o Sunset Library (may or may not be open) activities

o Compass Christian Church resource fair

§ Galveston Elementary night

· Need volunteers and C4C booth

· Rock wall & bounce houses & stage

· Free event for families

· Other elementary schools are invited to participate

· Looking for vendors and performers

· 9/24 at 5:00PM Friday before CUSD fall break

o NDO (non-discrimination ordinance)

§ Ordinance ($ fine) vs Resolution

§ Board to develop letter (position statement) and submit

Nominations of Board Members

o Vote Members

§ Clarify Positions/Responsibilities

o Define Membership vs Board

§ Identify next Board Mtg date

Board to review expenditures

Board to review projects in action/needs

Set agenda

§ Identify next General Mtg date

Identify which Board member to attend/facilitate

Set agenda

Board to set next mtg date

o Proposal to meet next week

§ To prepare for upcoming events

§ Cynthia will man a table at the Galveston Event

§ Sunday meeting day

Next meeting is 8/29 2:00PM

  • Online and in-person BKDs - Gloria will send out link

  • Following meeting is on 9/13 6:00PM – Peggy will send out link

  • Review and identify projects (review previous annual discussions)