AUG 9, 2022


Board Meeting Summary: Study Session

Aug 9, 2022 / 6:04pm – 7:20pm

Held on Zoom

Call to Order

Board Roll Call

  • Shawn Charles

  • Diana Crawford

  • Gloria Garza Wells

  • Michael Franklin +

  • Dr. Danielle Gilliam

  • Brenda Girolamo +

  • Lynne McKay +

  • Miya Mitchell

  • Shawn Mitchell +

  • Peggy Schlesinger +


  • Dee Dee Tapson – attended last meeting and volunteered at Juneteenth. 4th generation Chandler resident and works for Maricopa Community College

  • Tony – Interested in learning about the organization and being involved with kids, Is currently involved in animation, 3-D design, and other areas with educational materials development (STEM, morals, and problem solving)

  • Jamiee – works at Chandler High School – want to see the kids win and wants to be hands-on, want to see more diversity in Chandler and support of historical Black university, interested in violence mitigation – keeping kids off the street and out of prison – likes to be in the background

  • Earnest Robinson

  • Rafael Martinez Orozco – Professor at ASU at Polytech campus. Research the historical LatinX population in the East Valley

Minutes were approved from 6/7/2022

Reports of Officers and Committees

Shawn Mitchell, President

Lynne McKay

  • Bank Balance is $972.82 PayPal Balance $793.49

  • Expenses were $8.00 for July

  • August will have a $157.91 for insurance and this will be a monthly cost along with the $8 bank expense

Unfinished business

Website Update

  • There was a logo study with Diana, Miya, and Brenda. They decided to include Chandler4Change as part of the logo. This logo will be available to others for promotion.

  • There will be a Newsletter tag on the all the newsletters

      • The Southside Village Historic Neighborhood will be a banner congratulations.

      • Upcoming For Our City Day – Oct 22 – need volunteers

      • National Miss Juneteenth – need contributions to help with expenses

Southside Village – South Chandler Historic Neighborhood Project

  • NEED VOLUNTEERS - Need some help on celebration – looking for volunteers. The following people volunteered:

          • Jamiee Smith

          • Dr. Rafael Martinez Orozco


      • Vendor is playing $300 back from the desserts from the last event

      • August 17th – Freedom week committee, putting away about $10K

      • Looking for C4C to help with kickoff and then take on a day

      • South Chandler Self-Help – Miss Juneteenth

            • South Chandler Self Help has a link to help with expenses for National competition in Galveston, Texas. Brenda will send out the link.

            • Brenda will put the link on the banner, the need for volunteers

Operation Back-to-School Backpack Drive (OBSB) Recap

          • Gave out 3000 back packs, 1000 socks, and a bunch of uniforms

          • We have over 58 people on our list and are looking to get them more involved.

          • Consider doing a resource event with ICAN, ASCEND, Boys and Girls Club, and Salvation Army to offer services, such as haircuts, shoes, etc. For Our City and Paster Jeff will be having another meeting shortly.

New Business

  • Future Efforts

        • Race4Unity

        • UN Human Rights Day

        • Need help with Volunteer to help with logistics

        • First effort is to look at communications package and general logistics planning

  • For Our City Day

        • Sat, Oct 22

        • Need Volunteers – looking to have one project where we can all work together – need

            • Brenda and Lynne

            • Dee Dee Tapson is already involved in the program

  • Contigo – September 15-30

        • Kick-off will be on Saturday, Sept 17th at the Chandler Community Center, near the downtown library

        • Galveston will be Sept 30th, which will be the big event

        • Concerned that DEI may be withdrawing somewhat from this event because they have changed staff and need to get organized.

        • C4C is interested in helping but not running everything – volunteering on Sept 30th – parking lot and may not be interested in sending a booth

        • Looking for LatinX vendors – selling or food trucks

        • Forklorio may not be part of this.

  • Intel Community Mixer – Wed, Sept 21st – Ilean Gray – at noon at OC8 112/113 –

        • Tony is interested in this

  • MLK Jr

      • CMOA is looking to do a community – candle light vigil

      • Michael Franklin will be celebrated as Man-of-the-Year this year

  • Multicultural Festival

      • Participate with a booth

  • LEVE – Latino East Valley for Education

      • Would like Chandler 4 Change collaborate with LEVE to support more LatinX activities within C4C. We wish to do this as a cooperative and inclusive activity.

  • Suggestions:

      • Holiday Parade

            • Have a car that is decorated within a Holiday Parade with the tree lighting event. This is consideration that we want to consider.

  • Consider a survey regarding the needs for Chandler. May want to also look at DEI’s surveys/focus groups. There is a community resource page on the website to help with resources.

        • Connect Lynne and Jamiee regarding looking a pulling the community. Feel free to share Jamiee’s information to help with this.

Next meeting: Open Meeting on Tuesday, September 13th – 6pm on Zoom

Adjournment: 7:20pm