December 10, 2020

December 10, 2020


Initial 501c3 finalized and paperwork to be submitted at end of week.

· Development of the By-Laws and Articles of Incorp will be edited through December

· Fiscal Sponsorship will be revisited to prepare for lag during approval period


· Completed on Sat 12/5. The 12/12 set up has been cancelled

· 300 bags ready to be distributed

o Enough items for 100 more, looking for more bag donations

· 2 Mobile Parks, AZCEND, and Food City will be distribution locations

· Sub Committee to meet next week to arrange pick up and distribution times for 12/19

· Will develop maps of areas to drop off for volunteers

· Look to create a bullet list of items to consider sharing when volunteering

o Determine COVID appropriate distribution, interaction, and discussions (where applicable)

· Reminder to anyone interested in COVID distribution sign up

· Send donators to Shawn for website update and thank yous

Harris Park Playground development (Stage 1)

· Contacting Mt. Olive and South Chandler Self Help for blessing

· Arrange community virtual meetings to gather input and support

o Determine if worthwhile project from feedback from community

· Connecting with City for development parameters and various codes to consider

· Develop list of possible supporters to contribute and donate time (i.e. Chamber Leadership, Rotary, Lions Club)

· Peggy S will lead effort with updates as they arise

o Shawn to connect with City for Historic Neighborhood information and procedures

Next steps

· Last meeting of 2020

· Set time in January after Dec 25

· All summaries now accessible on

o Updates on projects, minutes, other information as arises

· Reminder to Subcommittees to send Vision Templates to duplicate on website

· Reminder of Bio and pics of members for upload

· Mass emails to diminish with requests and reminders being the new communication

· Desire to have people follow the website and begin utilizing Social Media forums

Museum visit

· Will take place Saturday 12/12 at 4:30pm

· Remaining Polos to distribute

· Had to move to earlier due to event at 7pm

· Take pics and view the exhibit. Should only take about 30 min (or to closing)


· January and meeting information will have list of projects discussed or idle from 2020

o Look to choose direction of projects

· MLK Jr Event

o Collaboration with Chandler Men of Action

o Host MLK event potentially downtown Chandler

o Will be caravan

o Date, time, location, travel, agenda to be determined through December with meeting weekly in January to finalize logistics

o Connect with new City Council (i.e. Christine E and OD H)

· Yard Clean up

o Decision to continue process and look to work with teens to assist

o Connecting CUSD service learning and community service needs for students

o Notiosha to connect teens through UCCAN and Workforce Development

· Cultural Events

o Reviewed the input of the 665 responders to City Diversity survey

o C4C can help with Resident and community voice

§ Felt feedback was limited or not discussed at Council meeting this week

§ No action items from Council meeting thus requesting results for C4C review

§ Plan accordingly for 2021

o Update: city has posted a page for an cultural “things” taking place that may not be through the city

§ Any events you are aware of or hear about, send to Gloria W

o Compass Church is sharing its intent to support Diversity efforts

§ Starting Jan 2021 will be working to support efforts by request in various forms