DEcember 22, 2020: MLK Caravan Planning Summary

MLKJr Caravan Celebration
Planning Summary A
December 22, 2021

The following is a summary of initial planning for a MLKJr Caravan/Celebration. Items seen as needed for a successful event will be discussed on Tuesday,12/29 at 6pm, to finalize and/or add/delete information below. Tasks will also be assigned to lead areas of focus with meetings taking place weekly until ???? (NEED TO DETERMINE DATE).

1. Meeting/start location

    1. Discussion has surrounded CHS as the starting point

      1. What to do

      2. Traffic flow

      3. Disseminate map

      4. Instructors drivers of protocol (signs, horns and lights, C4C caravan facilitation

      5. Activity (ies?)

        1. Speaker?

          1. Recognize CMOA and C4C

        2. Performance(s)

        3. Pre-recording

    2. Different location

      1. City Park?

      2. Consider size needed

      3. Determine permits or other pre-requests, if applicable

2. Identify Theme or message

    1. Theme, quotes, wording to place on vehicle around the theme

      1. Recognizing the Dream

      2. Chandler Celebrates the Dream

      3. The Dream Matters

      4. ???

3. Map of caravan

    1. Leave CHS/West on Chandler Blvd/North on Alma School/South on Arizona to ????

      1. Projected number of cars

      2. Light RSVP for estimate?

      3. Police escort?

      4. Work with City for map assistance, advertisement, flyers?

      5. CMOA/C4C directional drivers needed

4. Stopping point location

    1. Tumbleweed has been suggested

      1. Permit needed for parking?

      2. What take place at this or another location?

        1. Activity(ies?)

          1. Speaker?

            1. Recognize CMOA and C4C

          2. Performance(s)

          3. Pre-recording

      3. Return to CHS?

        1. Permit for start and end?

        2. Activity (same as above)

        3. Pre-recording

5. Entertainment options

    1. Determine options such as:

      1. Students from High Schools to perform/speak

        1. Time limit—3 to 5min?

      2. Dream speech

      3. Dignitaries (determine to speak)

        1. Time limit—5min?

6. Pre-recordings and dissemination

    1. Websites, FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc

    2. Start and/or ending

    3. Disburse and access?

    4. Access and leave up for view after caravan?

7. Advertisement

    1. Types

    2. Assistance from?

      1. C4C/CMOA/City Diversity