December 7, 2021

Board Meeting Summary
December 7, 2021 / 6:07 pm – 8:00 pm
Held on Zoom

Call to Order

Announcement/Verification of Recorded Meeting

Board Roll Call

Attendees: (noted by +)

+Shawn Mitchell, President

Michael Franklin, Vice President

+Peggy Schlesinger, Secretary

+Lynne McKay, Treasurer

Dr. Danielle Gilliam, Health Care

+Gloria Garza Wells, Cultural Events

+Miya Mitchell, Social Media

+Shawn Charles, Housing

+Brenda Girolamo

+Diana Crawford

Michael Franklin and Dr. Danielle Gilliam were absent

General Membership Attendance

Shannon Mitchell

Earnest Robinson

CC Cantabrana

Cynthia Hardy

Dr. William Crawford

DECISION: Nov 2 minutes were approved

President’s Review

  • Focused on being present at meeting in the community

  • Will be talking about planning upcoming events in January and February.

  • Want to hone in on so many initiatives. Want to get together for some strategic planning.

Treasurer’s Report

  • In our checking account $1501.77. PayPal Account has about $697.83. There was an $8 bank charge.


  • Social Media

o Made the posters for Race 4 Unity

o Bios/Pictures

§ Board members still need to send photos and complete the bio form that Miya put together

  • Healthcare

o Worked with AMA for Race 4 Unity

o She has been making contacts regarding health care

  • Housing

o Shawn C meet with CC. He was able to understand what is available and gathered other contacts.

o He has been trying to find for cancer patients that need housing. There is an RV for Banner Health clients. Working to make this a permanent location.

o Consider making the RV option available to homeless, especially the elderly (55+). Working on getting funding to purchase the RVs in Chandler and/or Mesa. Currently working through his own company at this point. Anyone who might be able to help with this project. Need specific help to find locations for RVs and/or City of Chandler permits.

§ Want to have getting RVs for the homeless as a focus area in the future. This will be on agenda next month. CC, Brenda, Shawn M, and Shawn C will propose a plan.

  • Special Events

o Race4Unity is coming up this Saturday, Dec 11 at 9:00 am

o LEVE – Latinos for Education from the Perry area – they worked to get a fulltime Spanish translator for CUSD and were successful. Working on STEAM efforts to get more Latino participation. Currently this is on pause.

o Multicultural Festival – Jan 14th – Initial planning has begun, talked with Cisco. Currently on the committee but no specific commitment.

  • Unfinished Business

o Mobile Park – No update today.

o Newsletter – The first Newsletter went out and got some feedback on it.

§ Diana Crawford will help with the newsletter. Shawn, Diana and Shawn will meet on this. Brenda has already volunteered to proof-read.

o Membership – no further commitment has been discussed. The general member fee was $10/person. However, people

o South Chandler Project Update

§ The African Americans were recorded by the city, but the recording did not include our questions. We have contacted the Media Teacher at Chandler High School is interested in helping us record these people. There was a collection of people who were interested in helping from the City of Chandler meeting on Nov 14th. We still need to better understand what “support from the community” looks like to the City of Chandler in order to gain approval from the City Council.

o Race 4 Unity

§ December 11 at Willis Junior High School, which coordinates with UN Human Rights Day and will be a fundraiser for American Diabetes Association. Will need volunteers for the day-of. Some people volunteered but more are required.

o Zion Park

§ Working to set up capacity. There will be some discussion regarding this topic will be on Monday. People have said the park is going to undergo some changes. Planting the tree is nice for Mimi but this is also a teaching effort to point out where the system failed her son. Lalaboy foundation is an organization to help education towards teen suicide. There is a meeting in January and we may want to collaborate with this organization. Gloria may be able to help coordinate. Not My Kids is an organization

o Criminal Justice Symposium

§ Shawn will continue talking to him in that C4C supports the concept but can’t

o Multi-cultural Festival – Signed us up for $100 table.

§ HRC always lags for people at their table. If HRC is interested, could C4C share a table with the HRC. It’s possible that some fees might be waived for Non-profits.

§ DECISION: The board decided to support having a table at the

New Business

  • Ready-set-go Foundation Bowling out (Dec 12)

o Main Event

o Support sponsor and welcome adults to assist for eve

o OD Harris – wants to put together an event for teen suicide – bring adults together to be a support ben an ally and just listen

  • Kwanzaa Celebration (Dec 26)

o Support Sponsor with BASE – sponsoring the food

o Help needed/wanted for logistics and program

o Want African American students to see what Kwanzaa is about

o West Alley BBQ

  • Martin Luther King Jr – Jan 17th

o talked with OD Harris and Rev. Hardy from Chandler Men of Action regarding a memorial lighting – Potentially some hosting by the City of Chandler

§ Cynthia was done at the Rev Hardy’s Congressional Church did this last year on Sunday evening. If Chandler Men of Action don’t do this event this year, C4C is open to do this effort this year. The Church is available this year.

§ Shawn will reach out to people to see what planning has been done.

§ DECISION: C4C will work with these possible organization to have something for MLK Jr. Day.

  • Folley Exhibit celebration (Jan 28)

o Next meeting TBD

o Chandler Museum celebration for closure on Feb 13

o Black History Month kickoff?

o After the holidays there will be more planning

o Will have food trucks

o Key African American elders from South Chandler will be in attendance.


  • CUSD will vote on new curriculum on Mexican and African American history. This was removed in 2010 but it was found determined to be unconstitutional in 2017. CUSD is voting tomorrow whether to include or deny African American and Mexican history in their curriculum. Support can be shown by attending the meeting tomorrow or sending an email voicing your support.

o The meeting is on Wed, Dec 8 at 7:00 but it’s best to be there at 6:00 pm. District Office is at 1525 W. Frye Rd, Chandler. You must arrive no later than 6:30 pm

o Send an email to support including your support of Mexican and African American History to the board








o Submit comments online


  • Eduarda would like to know how Chandler Pride can be connected to learn more about minorities

  • DEI Assessment – these are on the website and if you want to voice your opinion regarding how to encourage diversity and inclusion in the community.


Next Meeting

  • 1/4 @ 6 pm on Zoom

Adjournment at 7:26 pm