Diversity Advisory Group meeting Summary

Diversity Advisory Group Meeting

Tag line—Chandler4Change

· Subcommittee of DAG. DAG will continue to meet with Human Resources Commission to report on activities to share in the community. 3 Subcommittees have been formed:

o Chandler4Change

o Youth Initiatives

o Cultural Initiatives

Mission of Chandler4Change—Is intended to be a diversity and inclusion action group. A non-partisan and non-political safe space, to unite our community while allowing people to learn, engage, share and facilitate change in the Chandler community.

· Initial DAG members determined participation in any/all of the Subcommittees

o Chandler4Change will begin activism with a Chandler4Change Caravan on June 19 at 6pm

o Subsequent meetings will welcome/invite any member of the community interested in activities surrounding the Mission

§ Allows for wide range of representation and opportunity to hear from the community

§ Assist in future events surrounding Education Awareness, Discourse, Discussions and promotion of the City of Chandler with issue changes/improvements

Chandler4Change Caravan

· Community message out 6/17 after meeting

· Map finalized to travel within Historic Chandler

· Members assist in travel safety

· Discussion on meeting and message at Park

o Ending and create opportunity for follow up

· Questions:

o Advertisement

o Social Media

o Website (generation in weeks ahead)

o Communication during Caravan

o Ways to promote messages during Caravan

o Safety support and positioning during Caravan

o Those attending

Future Discussion Items

· Advertisements (i.e. signs, bands, shirts)

· Website

· Next event

· 501 c 3?

· Independent or continue to be in conjunction with City and DAG