February 12, 2021

February 12, 2021


MLKJr Caravan Celebration

· Resounding positive feedback

o Planning

o Support

o News coverage

o Turnout

o Good Gen Z turnout

· Improvements

o Consider bicycle route for carvans

o Short planning period and work to plan ahead


· Review of Articles of Incorporation and By-laws being developed and almost complete

· ACC approved name for C4C, nonprofit (yay!)

· Finalized Fiscal Sponsorship paperwork with signatures for fiscal responsibilities

o Begin financial support

· Membership status to begin

o Develop survey on intent of mass email interest

§ Create circles of support

· Large group communication/membership

o General interest--support events/projects when/where possible

· Active members

o Continued attendance

· Core members

o Subcommittee chairs

· Board

o officers

· Advisory group

o Cost to be determined by each circle after survey feedback ($5-$25 on commitment level determined suggested)

§ One for initial roster

§ One for incoming interest

Projects (active)

· Harris park

o Peggy shared out on:

§ Connections with City

§ Meetings with City Parks and Rec Dept

§ Steps to connect with community for feedback

§ Begin research on park playground equipment

§ Met with Rotary Clubs for support

· Mobile Park support

o Connected by City Diversity Office on need for Mobile Park neighborhoods

§ Gather community members and tour neighborhoods

· Determine need

· How to support

o Bring back to C4C

· Survey

o Poll interest on suggested projects from previous months

o Prioritize each

o Determine actionable items by feedback

o Begin top action items

· Mural

o Collaborative effort with Silk Stockings on a mural along AZ-87

o Chandler High collaboration

o Support intent to City Arts Commission grant application of $5000

o Assist with concept with or without grant

o Lynne, Miya, Mike, Shawn met with Neighborhood spearhead group

o Next steps after grant decision

· Social Justice Interfaith Devotional series

o Virtual Event on March 3, 2021


· Curriculum review with Diversity and Inclusion Dept

· Begin working with families and students on challenges/support

· Connect with CGCC on Multi-Cultural Programs

State Legislative connections

· Future running candidate in 2022

· African American-Republican focus

o Willing to create opportunities to connect with community yet C4C is a non-political group

· Provide forums for the community yet assist with any political party for a source of community voice for platforms

o C4C will not lobby nor support any particular political candidate/party

Next meeting set for 3/11 at 6pm

· Mark your calendars!!!