Febraury 20, 2022

Board Meeting Summary
February 20, 2022 / 3:14 pm – 4:30 pm
Held on Zoom

Call to Order

Announcement/Verification of Recorded Meeting

Board Roll Call

Attendees: (noted by +)

+ Shawn Mitchell, President

+ Shawn Charles
+ Gloria Garza Wells
+ Brenda Girolamo
+ Michael Franklin
+ Peggy Schlesinger
+ Miya Mitchell
+ Dr. Danielle Gilliam

C4C started at Hartford Elementary School for a common goal to work on Social Injustice

Past Events

  • January: Dr. King Caravan at Chandler High

  • February: Covid Kit Distribution

  • March: Teen Unity Forum

  • June: Juneteenth

  • September: Development of Board

  • September: Chandler Contigo

  • October: YMCA health and wellness

  • October: Chandler For Our City Day

  • November: Race4Unity

  • Areas of influence – Attended various events as C4C representative

Review Mission, Vision, Purpose, and Values

The mission of Chandler4Change is to build relationships between diverse communities in Chandler that lead to increased opportunity for all. Chandler4Change is a diversity and inclusion action group. We are a non-partisan, non-political safe space, which aims to unite our community while allowing people to learn, engage, share, and facilitate change in Chandler community.

What is your why? – Brainstorming on what we might want to include in our scope

  • Connector with other organizations – events and services that meet our mission and vision

o Partner with other organizations

o Develop a listserv

  • Do consistent events

o Black Film and Arts during Black History Month

o Latin Film and Arts

o Black History Month, Juneteenth, Race4Unity

o Make it more inclusive to include people from all backgrounds

  • Represent the misrepresented

  • How do we help our Young adults?

  • Mission needs to multicultural events – how do we become more inclusive

  • Target our future leaders – mentor – Boys and Girls Club, School, ICan

  • Teen Summit/Leadership Retreat

o Be plugged into other organizations

o Representation/mentors, training, navigating society today, etiquette school

  • Target the kids who don’t have parents that seek out leadership/mentorship – this takes resources – need to know people

  • Culturally there may be some barriers

  • Create curriculum guides for Youth/young youth that want to advocate or start a movement (LSU, BLU, etc)

  • Gloria has some people who has resources – Jennifer Sanchez is a grant writer

Reflection of the last year (2021)

+ Pluses

People know about us in the community

Communication is last minute

Have business cards

  • Minuses

Need more time to plan events

C4C is becoming a goto organization

Marketing - pins

More Brainstorming

  • Consider getting pins so we can wear gear and/or other clothing and still be identified

  • Service – Youth and/or Seniors and/or young adults

o Ideas for Young Adults – etiquette school, public speaking, resume writing, networking, and places to hang and then connect with others to run

o Ideas for Seniors – volunteer time at communities, rent “for free” – consider focusing on Medicaid locations – requires a strong volunteer group. Have youth volunteer and then youth interviewing the seniors, what did they learn. This could possibly be a school assignment.

  • Looking to create change in our community. Make sure people get our name out there – C4C. Leave them with something so they will reach out to us. When giving people information, need to them to contact us – remove the term “Them”. Make it more memorable to the person you are talking to you. Be more open about yourself.

  • Create a LinkedIn account. The LinkedIn account is to allow for follow-up with contacts that have been made. The power of Instagram stories can be another source of communication.

  • Consider adding a resource page for “how to”

  • Identify more service projects – could be education. (These could be educational events or also have information on the webpage.)

  • Do an executive summary on the website for 2021. Then add this into the website. Shawn, Lynne, and Brenda will be working with this.

  • What is our criteria for commitment?

  • Have a format when we contact people to make it easier to contact people and have follow-up.

Current commitments for Calendar 2022

  • Board meetings held monthly on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm. (Some exceptions will be made.) During the meeting board members will follow-up on Committees, Old Business, and New Business

Possible Goals for 2022

  • Inform leaders, educators, and community members about C4C by:

o Attending/Co-hosting community events that are held by community and fairs, etc.

o Continue social media blasts

§ What Aesthetic are we posting?

  • Increase membership by 30 percent by the end of 2022. Everyone invites at least one new person to 2 meetings each year.

  • Invite special guest to at least 8 out of 10 meetings per year.

  • A way to be the GOTO organization.

  • Civic/Service Projects

  • Focus on Resources

  • Be Consistent with events – Possibly 1 or 2 – BHM, Juneteenth, Race4Unity, and/or others

Additional Steps

  • Finances, Grants, and Budget

  • 2023 Calendar

No DECISIONS were made at this meeting.

Board members are encouraged to send further ideas to Peggy and/or Shawn by end of day on Thursday, March 10th. The next step will be to organize these ideas to develop a proposal for the strategic plan for C4C for 2022.

Next Meeting

Sunday, March 13 at 2:00 pm on Zoom

Adjourned at about 4:30 pm