january 1, 2022

Board Meeting Summary
January 1, 2022 / 6:04 pm – 7:22 pm.
Held on Zoom

Call to Order

Announcement/Verification of Recorded Meeting

Board Roll Call

Attendees: (noted by +)

+Shawn Mitchell, President

Michael Franklin, Vice President

+Peggy Schlesinger, Secretary

+Lynne McKay, Treasurer

+Dr. Danielle Gilliam, Health Care

+Gloria Garza Wells, Cultural Events

+Miya Mitchell, Social Media

Shawn Charles, Housing

+Brenda Girolamo

+Diana Crawford

Shawn Charles was absent

General Membership Attendance

+Shannon Mitchell

+CC Cantabrana

+Cynthia Hardy

DECISION: Dec 7 minutes were approved

President’s Review

  • No updates (see below)

Treasurer’s Report

  • Need to know how to pay to ADA. There was $30 in PayPal and $106 in cash = $136.

  • Bank has $1501.77 + Paypal acct is $653.47 + Cash us $106 = $2261.24. C4C part is $2125.24. The city still needs $247. There was a miss input of account number by the city, so the city is trying to charge C4C $25 insufficient funds. C4C is contesting the $25.


  • Special Events

o Nothing beyond the announcements below.

  • Secretary

o Minor minutes adjustment made

  • Social Media

o Still needs bios (based on 5 questions) from board members and pictures to be sent to Miya.

o Any flyers need to be sent to Miya.

o Need to discuss where to have a group picture.

Unfinished Business

  • South Chandler Project Update

o Called Harley Melhorn to make an appointment. Want to know the progress they have made on identifying architecturally significant locations, review questions to be asked of our elders, and get specifics on what is to be in the package to the City Manager.

o Send email to Glenda Skalitzky at Chandler High School to set up planning meeting for the videoing of the elders from the South Chandler neighborhood.

o Next South Chandler meeting will be Thursday, Jan 13 at 6:00 pm on Zoom.

  • Race 4 Unity

o Was held on Sat, Dec 11 at Willis Junior High. It was a cool morning and the turn out was limited but the spirit of unity was high. We ran out of extra-large T-Shirts. Want to consider greater advertisement next year. The collaboration was good and the event went well but had some learnings regarding participation and possible timing. Might be helpful to post a donation link.

§ Need to work Lynne, Peggy, and Dr. Gilliam to determine what’s to be done. Dr. Gilliam will reach out to them and would like to have photo opportunity.

  • Zion Park

o No action as this point

  • Ready-Set-Go Foundation Bowling Event at Main Event to support Teen Suicide education was on Dec 12. There were mostly Basha student organizations. OD Harris was appreciative that C4C put our name on the event.

  • The Kwanzaa event was cancelled but Shawn went to another Kwanzaa celebration and made connections. It was not a school sanctioned event.

  • On Jan 14th OD Harris is having the “I Have a Dream” event but it’s mostly by invitation. Michael Franklin and Shawn Mitchell are being honored that night. There are 25 Black people who are being honored.

  • Multi-cultural Festival – January 15th 11 am-6 pm. C4C is committed to a table. DECISION: Shawn will have business cards and C4C informational materials printed with a budget of about $100.

o Other aspects

§ The cards should be matt and not glossy

§ Diana Crawford and Brenda Girolamo volunteered to be at the booth

§ We have a banner and tablecloth.

§ Shawn has a PowerPoint but would like a display board – Lynne and Diana will work on producing the display board(s).


  • Sun, Jan 16 – Chandler Men of Action are going a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr event at 6:00 at the Congregational Church of the Valley – 240 S. Cooper Rd. There will be a few speakers and a walk around the neighborhood.

  • Folley Exhibit celebration (Jan 28)

o DJs and Food Trucks


o Folley Exhibit at Chandler will close on Feb 13

o Key African American elders from South Chandler will be in attendance.

o Shawn will have more details about the needs after Thursday, Jan 6th.

  • Black History Month

o South Chandler has something on Feb 11th. This will be different events throughout the city. Movie Nights, CCA, Restaurants, and other locations. Shawn can report

o Shawn met the paster at the Life of Light church. Paster Gonzalez

  • Chandler Men of Action is having a scholarship banquet on Feb 25th. Cynthia is going to purchase a table of 8 for C4C. Cynthia suggested that Michael Franklin and Shawn Mitchell to attend

o DECISION: C4C pays a table for the students who are nominated at the Chandler Men of Action scholarships.


  • Do a get-together to have fun without an agenda. DECISION: Hold a C4C meeting gathering outside with board members and regular attendees on Sunday, February 20 at 1:00 pm.

o Ask for RSVP

o Consider an outside area

o If it’s official, we need to have a reservation at a park

o Need to remind ourselves of our passion, need time to connect, renew our vows

o Want to clarify the focus for 2022

o Pick a few things for which we want to focus

o Gloria will take the lead on this event

o Potluck event.

  • Get together at parks to find what people really need – a real grassroots effort

o Consider a portable microphone

o Potentially invite like-minded groups

o Invite people as a mixer

o Gloria would be willing to take lead on this

  • Please attend above events and wear your C4C polo shirts at events.

Next Meeting

  • February 20th at 1:00 pm with location to be determined

Adjourned at 7:22 pm