july 12, 2022


Board Meeting Summary: Study Session

July 12, 2022 / 6:07pm – 7:52pm

Held on Zoom

Call to Order:

Board Roll Call

Attendees: (noted by +)

+ Shawn Charles

+ Diana Crawford

+ Gloria Garza Wells

+ Michael Franklin

Dr. Danielle Gilliam

+ Brenda Girolamo

Lynne McKay

+ Miya Mitchell

+ Shawn Mitchell

Peggy Schlesinger

Reports of Officers and Committees

Shawn Mitchell, President

  • Gratitude to everyone for the continued commitment and dedication to C4C.

  • Brief historical overview of the evolutionary journey of C4C and how each person brings unique skills and community connections.

  • C4C aspires to develop these connections and identify leads in each area of interest to spearhead community endeavors and continue to build relationships.

Updates from June


  • A great event, keeping the expectations high for future events.

  • Discussion of available funds; 2,000 attendants; shirt sales, vendor fees; extreme resourcefulness for breaking even on event this size.

  • Secured Chandler-Gilbert Community College as the venue for future events.

  • Encouraging more C4C members to engage earlier in the planning process.

  • City funding next year; remain collaborative; choose a special C4C day for 2023.

  • This year is a great testament to C4C collaboration and participation

  • Continue increasing community presence and reputation; cultivate partnerships with other communities (Hispanic and LGBTQ+) community.

  • C4C role as leaders and partners; identify the primary call; not duplicate efforts.

  • The Juneteenth kickoff is not a C4C event, it is collaborative; would C4C like to add a day to the list?

  • June 19th is the last day, the major celebration, consider a C4C event in a previous weekend.

Contigo is the next community event opportunity for collaboration.

Committee Recap

  • Southside Village Historic Conservation District: Peggy spearheaded this event over the past year and provided consistent communications

  • Shawn and Peggy attended June 30th meeting

  • Encouraging C4C members to attend the July 11th City Council meeting study session, the Thursday July 14th City Council regular meeting coting session.

    • 6/30/22 Historic Preservation Commission Mtg

    • 7/11/22 Chandler City Council Study Session

    • 7/14/22 Chandler City Council Mtg (6pm)

  • If vote passes, C4C to send press releases

  • Neighborhood Block Party; SCSH and Salvation Army in August

Things currently discussed for C4C


  • September event: Chandler Contigo

  • (Gloria): Fri Sept 30th 5pm-10pm last day of school.

  • Galveston Elementary, bouncy houses, musicians, booths last year was the first and a success. All organizations to bring something for children

  • Hispanic community to be seen, would be nice to add to C4C table, collect street data (1. Audio-feedback and 2. Listening interview campaigns)

  • C4C to be leader/connector? C4C to be the connector. Use street data to present for future financial assistance from City

  • C4C interns in high school, Hispanic Honor Society; upper-level Spanish classes, interviews,

  • Gloria will be point person, Brenda work with Gloria, Gloria will sign-up C4C to attend.

  • Does C4C want to host an event during this month?

Sep 15 – Oct 15 –Hispanic Awareness Month

  • City giving $20K for whole month.

  • Suggestions for C4C to host: car show, student-lead initiative, artists, low-rider as part of culture, historic car show, possibility to include Southside Village

  • Car shows, artists, appeal to younger generation participation.

  • Collaborate with school that does car shows. Event does not have to be limited to Hispanic awareness month.

  • Chandler auto shop teacher, make a connection, and expand current platforms.

  • C4C can assist existing events, to make it bigger, broader.

  • Car show at Chandler High School (Sat Oct 1, Sat Oct 29, Sat Nov 5).

  • Gloria and Brenda to present fact finding.

December / Race4Unity

  • Use initial C4C Event Status Template (EST) thought worksheet for event planning.

  • Use EST worksheet to prose ideas to C4C Board.


      • Chandler Multicultural Festival

      • MLK Jr Day

Board Discussion on C4C and vision through March

  • Feedback: solidify our team leads and support for events.

  • Discussion Topic: Consistent use of C4C logo

      • Many of the Juneteenth promotions only had the colorful graphic and no words to identify it with C4C.

      • Quorum: Diana moves to modify the existing logo to add the C4C verbiage, Shawn Charles seconds.

      • Vote: table the C4C logo topic; present logo options at next meeting.

      • Discussion Topic: C4C website Community Connections page.

      • Board agrees to review all submissions before public posting

      • C4C Connect! Monday emails for reminders of important actions each week; promote and attach EST worksheet

Other C4C opportunities

  • Partnership for medical brown bags for those in need.

  • Listening Campaign; gather local organizations; C4C to be the lead for connecting various organizations; identify a location, date(s), and supplies.

  • Diana willing to assist Gloria with this campaign. Gloria will connect with a current group doing what we aspire to do.

  • Choose a date for C4C to socialize again; the purpose is to build greater personal rapport within the group

  • C4C has been mis-categorized by the IRS as a company and not a non-profit. Still working to rectify this.

Next meeting: Open Meeting on August: 9th – 6pm on Zoom

Adjournment: 7:52pm