July 9 & 16, 2020

9 & 16, 2020

Two meetings took place to discuss ideas on how to move forward with C4C efforts. Members took time to share thoughts, what has been heard and considerations for C4C. The following were projects or ideas that were shared for C4C to consider.

Projects suggested for C4C

· Awareness campus

o Institutional education

o Small play/theatre

· Signage creation for historic communities

o Identify communities

· Beautification and/or improvement projects

o Identify areas in Chandler (McQueen-Alma School and Pecos-Chandler)

· Caravan #2 and determine community

· Playground development

o Way to provide equipment in a park (which one(s)?)

· Census 2020

o Locations/survey/information

· Voting

o Locations/table/information

· Pay-it-forward (acts of kindness)

· Panel with Officers of color

o Coffee with a cop

o SROs in schools

· Connections development

o Change agents in the community

It was determined that there should be some areas that C4C can focus on and have agreed to create committees. These subcommittees were discussed as the key areas of institutional focus C4C will center around. Members placed their names on respective subcommittees of interest.


· Housing (Chris/Shawn/Gloria)

· Education (Shawn/Mike/Gloria/Lynne/Cesar/Cristina)

· Poverty (Chris)

· Healthcare (Cynthia/Christina/Katie K./Katrina)

· Funding (Chris/Shawn/Niki)

· Cultural Events (Chris/Niki/Gloria/Cesar/Christina)

· Gen Z/Youth initiative (Brandon/Walter/Gloria)

· Social Media (Brandon/Jocelyn/Miya)

· Website and 501 c 3 (Shawn)

· Marketing (Shawn, Nikki)


· Marketing will be key and on-going discussions are taking place on the various opportunities. To date discussions around:

o signs, banners, bumper stickers, shirts, buttons and a tagline have been reviewed.

· Two different taglines have been discussed with one being a support for a current message moving through our community (“I can do better”). The second shared by a member: “I stand and I demand”.

· The tagline is seen a vehicle to connect various communities and to channel interest on efforts supported by C4C.

· Polos are being considered with members providing their shirt size.

Next meeting to take place on 7/23 at 4pm.