june 7, 2022

Board Meeting Summary
June 7, 2022 / 6:02 pm – 7:11 pm
Held on Zoom

Call to Order

Announcement/Verification of Recorded Meeting

Board Roll Call

Attendees: (noted by +)

+ Shawn Charles

+ Diana Crawford

+ Gloria Garza Wells

+ Michael Franklin

+ Dr. Danielle Gilliam

+ Brenda Girolamo

+ Lynne McKay

+ Miya Mitchell

+ Shawn Mitchell

+ Peggy Schlesinger


+ Elizabeth

+ Kiamesha

+ Natavia Howell

+ Dee Dee Tapson

+ Earnest Robinson

+ Elaine Wood

+ Jami Charley

Minutes were approved from 5/10/2022

Reports of Officers and Committees

Shawn Mitchell, President

  • The badges for all Board members were printed and are available.

Lynne McKay

  • Bank Balance is $200.06. PayPal Balance $1495.59,

  • Badges were $134.75

  • $1550 was collected for Juneteenth for C4C and BASE

  • DECISION: The board members will pay $12/badge. You can pay through PayPal or talk to Lynne to pay for the badges.

Unfinished Business

Website Update

  • All the meeting minutes have been added to Website

  • All the Juneteenth links have been added

  • Want to have a Community Connections Page, which are the organizations that C4C normally collaborates. If you want your organization listed, please talk with Brenda if you want your organization on the C4C page.

  • There are still a few bios that are missing. Please send Bios if you haven’t already done so.

  • There is a weekly update going out to let you know what is going on.

  • Minutes are posted on line and the meeting links to public board meetings will be also posted to the website.

Southside Village – South Chandler Historic Neighborhood Project

      • Met with Derek Horn, the Historic Preservation City of Chandler Org. The Application, the Narrative, and a report on the petition was delivered. The application fee was waived.

      • Received an email from Derek today regarding the cost of the 2 4’x8’ billboards. It is unclear that we might need to pay for these billboards. Will investigate this further.

      • Met with City Council members Christine Ellis and Matt Orlando. They were both supporting of the Southside Village Historic Conservation District. Matt wanted to meet with other people from the neighborhood and was willing to take some action on the traffic issues.

      • Historic Preservation Commission is meeting on June 30 at 5:00 pm. Location is not defined but they are hoping to use the City Council Chambers. YOUR ATTENDANCE IS REQUESTED IN SUPPORT OF SOUTHSIDE VILLAGE HISTORIC CONSERVATION DISTRICT.

      • City Council Meeting on Thursday, July 14th at 6:00 pm to approve the Southside Village Historic Conservation District at the City Council Chambers. YOUR ATTENDANCE IS REQUESTED IN SUPPORT OF SOUTHSIDE VILLAGE HISTORIC CONSERVATION DISTRICT.

      • Paster Jeff Williams from the Salvation Army said he will sign the petition. He is still working on getting corporate approval for the Salvation Army to sign the petition.

      • Lt. Jeff Williams at the Salvation Army said we can use the Salvation Army building for a celebration. Pastor David Gonzalez said we can use Light and Life Church for the celebration too.

      • Elaine is going to collect signatures tonight. She is also having a neighborhood meeting tonight to discuss what is needed to alleviate some the issues in the neighborhood; traffic, on-street-parking, homelessness, and affordable housing are the considerations for the discussion tomorrow (June 8th) at Public Works South Atrium at 215 E Buffalo St at 3:00 pm with Derek Horn.


  • The Freedom Week/Juneteenth kickoff is on Thursday, June 16th - doors open at 6:00 at Chandler Gilbert Community College. There are other events on Friday, June 17th – Sunday, June 19th. (See website and/or email.)

  • Program is at the Performing Arts Center and will last about 1-1:30 hours. Will then transition to the pavilion area with vendors, DJs, and food trucks. Working with a variety of organizations.

  • HELP NEEDED – PLEASE SIGN UP!!! Signup Genius Volunteer Sheet setup. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0D49AAA828A7F9C61-juneteenth

  • Need people to help direct people, set up the pavilion.

  • Need managers for the food trucks.

  • Need managers for the vendors.

  • Need people to help with registration, donations, and shirt sales.

  • There will also be a kids’ corner and help will be needed for that.

  • BASE is managing the Performing Arts Center.

  • The cost of this event is expected to be $2900.

  • https://linktr.ee/ChandlerJuneteenth has all the upcoming events

  • Thursday, June 16 is Freedom Week/Juneteenth Kickoff at Chandler Gilbert Community College at 6:30 pm-9:30 pm

  • Friday, June 17 is Miss Juneteenth at Chandler Center for the Arts at 7:00 pm

  • Saturday, June 18 will be at AJ Chandler Park event with music 7:00 – 10:00 pm. This event is being spearheaded by O.D. Harris

  • Sunday, June 19 will be at Founding Fathers hosted by Chandler Men of Action

  • Any questions, contact Michael Franklin

  • Please use your contact information to get the word out to your networks. Feel free to contact people outside of Chandler.

Operation Back-to-School Backpack Drive

  • For Our City has been doing this for many years. They are working with City of Chandler Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Organization. It will be a drive-thru event.

  • Volunteer signup at info@forourcitychandler.org for all volunteer opportunities

  • The location will be at Chandler High School, in the parking lot

  • Saturday, July 16th at Chandler High School from 7-9 am but need to have everything clear by noon. Families will need to have children with them. Need volunteers to help with direction.

  • Have been dropping off supplies at Founding Fathers, Galveston Elementary, and other locations and are identified on the info@forourcitychandler.org

  • June 22-23 – 11:30 -3:00 – This is when things will be put together. Volunteers are needed!!

New Business

Future Events

      • Attend events and wear at badges/polos to help with visibility. Let us try to be involved in other organizations’ events to show C4C support for other efforts that align with C4C values/mission

      • Chandler Contigo Event at Galveston Elementary on September 30th

      • Race4Unity on UN Human Rights Day in December collaborating with the Bahá’ís of Chandler to promote the safeguard of human rights and promote inclusion of everyone

      • Youth Organization Involvement – Charley – Larry Taylor Youth Organization

      • Golf Tournament on Sept 24th – C4C would be willing to support this event – https://app.eventcaddy.com/events/ltyd-2nd-annual-charity-golf-classic

      • Afro Scouts Reading

      • Veteran efforts

      • Voter Registration – especially younger people and minorities. There are other organizations that are interested in this. Set up a meeting to get this moving quickly.

      • Kiamesha’s organization has a football event this weekend 8-12, semipros are going to pay flag football. $50 for a family of 6 people. Hosted on the field behind office on Dobson Rd.

            • An east Indian group was looking for some collaboration for an event they are hosting on December 22nd.

Reach out to each other

      • Feel free to reach out and say, “I’m going to this event. Do you want to come with me?”

Suggestion: Have a “retreat” to review of what we have done and layout what the year looks like for us by the board in the next couple of months. Want to make sure we are aligned with our mission. This needs to be an in-person meeting in early August.

Wellness Center can offer a place to meet up during the month of July as they will be shut down for the month of July.

Looking at what C4C have been involved in the past to help people to understand what we have done and what we have been trying to do. (At this point, please check past minutes and website.)

Gatorade will volunteer 2 pallets a year for events to Non-profit Organizations. May want to look for other grants.

City Citizens Police Academy of Chandler

          • Uses Amazon Smile as a way of collecting funds.

          • Tries to bring in speakers of organizations who are focusing on keeping youth out of trouble and helping people doing positive things in our community

                • Dr. Gilliam knows someone who might be a resource

                • Looking to bring a voice that is frequently not heard

          • They host “Coffee with a Cop”

          • On-line tutoring with Title 9 Schools. 1st graders to 4th grade. Most have been done in the West Valley but would like to engage

Next Month Meeting Time

Tuesday, July 12th at 6:00 pm.

Adjourned at 8:05 pm