march 13, 2022

Board Meeting Summary
March 13, 2022 / 2:06 pm – 3:15 pm
Held on Zoom

Call to Order

Announcement/Verification of Recorded Meeting

Board Roll Call

Attendees: (noted by +)

+ Shawn Mitchell

Shawn Charles – not in attendance

+ Gloria Garza Wells

+ Brenda Girolamo

Michael Franklin – not in attendance

+ Peggy Schlesinger

+ Miya Mitchell

+ Dr. Danielle Gilliam

+ Diana Crawford

+ Lynne McKay


+ Charley Taylor, Larry Thomas Youth Development

+ Elaine Woods

+ Earnest Robinson

+ Regina Arbuckle Andrews

Reports of Officers and Committees

Shawn Mitchell, President

    • Last meeting was held on 2-10-2022

      • Want to collaboration with other organizations with similar mission in order to have a greater reach and impact

      • Step away from only holding events because we want to make sure that we can understand the needs to those in need of having a voice and help make a difference

    • City Consultation committee – regarding City of Chandler Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Organization has a committee of 25 people. Shawn, Diane, and Eduarda were all selected for this committee. They may need to contact others for help or information.

    • Jan MLK Jr – Chandler Men of Action event of which C4C was represented.

    • Feb BHM events – there were several events during the month with the culmination at the Chandler Museum that were supported/attended by C4C members

    • 501c3 report

      • EIN Application – need to resubmit this as a non-profit

        • Arizona sees C4C as a non-profit but the IRS sees C4C as a corporation – need to change this to non-profit status

      • Taxes – under $50,000 we don’t have to file taxes

Treasurer Report – Lynne

  • Current Report - income $3018.08, expense $1541.44

  • Current accounts are $1876.64 but there is a $400 outstanding check

Unfinished business

  • Website

    • Still need a few bios and pictures from the board – please send to Miya ASAP

    • Brenda can complete adding the pictures and bios to the website, but need all the board members to provide the information Miya is collecting

    • Miya is putting everything on a Google Drive for Brenda to access

New Business

  • Pins for C4C – Communication for C4C at various events/activities

    • Give T-Shirts to Charley and Elaine for C4C

    • Shawn will look into pins for everyone – magnetic pins with name of organization and logo and possibly names. The named pins may be for board members only. Shawn will research this and come back to the next meeting for a vote.

  • South Chandler Historic Neighborhood Project

    • April 23rd 2-4 pm event at Harris Park to review the Historic Conservation Neighborhood

    • Regina has already talked to Bishop Loring at the Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ. Charles Payne has already contacted Rev. David Gonzales and someone at Mt. Olive in order to gain their support.

    • Escandon family would like to be involved – they have been here since 1924. Elaine will contact them regarding being involved in April 23rd as well as possibly being interviewed.

    • Brenda and Diana will help with walking the neighborhood the weekend of April 16th.

    • Gloria will explore with the LEVE team to help on the weekend of the 16th as well as April 23rd.

    • Add Diana to the Historic Planning Meeting on March 17th at 6:00 pm. Add Charley Taylor as well.

  • Back-to-School Backpack Drive

    • On Monday, March 14th at 10-2, For Our City is looking to have people to volunteer to stuff backpacks

    • Back-to-school backpack drive will only be held at Chandler High School and it will be a drive through operation only on July 19th. They will need volunteers.

    • If C4C is willing to help with clothing, haircuts, shoes, clothing/uniforms, For Our City would like our help – Jeff with the Salvation Army is part of this

      • Interested – Gloria Garza Wells, Charley Taylor, Lynne McKay, Elaine Woods, Peggy Schlesinger

      • Need to check into resources that might be able to be reenkindled


  • Sunday, June 19th

  • Several Organizations have already reached out regarding this event.

  • Suggestions

      • Chandler Center for the Arts with entertainment – indoors

      • Considering some downtown restaurants

      • Elaine is already part of an event with South Chandler Self Help – she will look talk to Rodney Love

      • Some major players will be involved in a conference in Tucson during the week prior to Juneteenth, so some people will be out during that time.

      • C4C may be part of other Juneteenth efforts as well.

  • Volunteers – Brenda Girolamo, Diana Crawford, Gloria Garza Wells McKay, Lynne, Charley Taylor, Elaine Woods, Peggy Schlesinger

Announcements – Create more awareness or need support

  • Eduarda has an event for Chandler Pride – March 25th – Night at the YMCA – 6-8:30 pm - entertainment and talent presented. She would like support and representation.

Next Month Meeting Time

  • Tuesday, April 12 at 6:00 pm.

Adjourned at 7:14 pm

C4C Planning Session

The following chart lists activities for which C4C has been involved or possible activities the organization might want to be involved. In each case, C4C is looking for a Lead Volunteer to manage the effort with the intention that multiple people would be involved. A listed item does not mean that C4C will sponsor/co-sponsor/participate in an activity, as all committed efforts require a lead. Please communicate with Shawn if you are willing to lead an effort.

Activities for which C4C has been involved or possible activities the organization might want to be involved.

This chart shows other Service Activities which are currently not date based

This chart shows a variety of activities for participation, representing C4C