may 10, 2022

Board Meeting Summary
May 10, 2022 / 6:10 pm – 7:11 pm
Held on Zoom

Call to Order

Announcement/Verification of Recorded Meeting

Board Roll Call

Attendees: (noted by +)

+ Shawn Charles

+ Diana Crawford – not in attendance

+ Gloria Garza Wells

+ Michael Franklin

+ Dr. Danielle Gilliam – not in attendance

+ Brenda Girolamo

+ Lynne McKay

+ Miya Mitchell

+ Shawn Mitchell

+ Peggy Schlesinger


+ No others

Reports of Officers and Committees

Shawn Mitchell, President

  • Need to clarify the IRS status, which has us as a corporation rather than a Non-Profit

Insurance – this runs about $400 or $600/yr

  • Discussion regarding board fees and/or volunteer hours – Brenda and Shawn will look into donation page on the website. There was also discussion of having members paying a small fee. Lynne created a link to our PayPal account but it is currently hidden.

Lynne McKay

  • Expense at Harris Park was $387.10

  • Current balance is about $1600.00

Unfinished Business

Southside Village – South Chandler Historic Neighborhood Project

  • April 23rd 2-4 pm event at Southside Village Reunion Festival to review the Historic Conservation Neighborhood at Harris Park on E. Elgin and S. Colorado

  • We got just under 300 signatures between the festival, walking the neighborhood and churches. We only have about 32 owners but need 69 owners.

  • Press Releases

  • SanTan Sun had an article last weekend and The Arizonan this next weekend

  • Michael did contact Channel 12 but she is not back in the office

  • Miya is thinking about how to best get this information on social media – can put this on the link tree to see the update – Shawn and Miya will look at this tomorrow

  • Meeting with Derek Horn, the Historic Preservation City of Chandler Org tomorrow. We will be delivering the Application, the Narrative, and a report on the petition. We are hoping to still be on schedule to meet the end of June


  • BASE, Chandler Self Help, DEI, and Chamber have been meeting

  • Thursday, June 16th starting at 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm, with a program running about an hour. This will be held at Chandler Gilbert Community College. The auditorium will be the first people. The number of guests will 299 with an RSVP. It will then transfer to the pavilion which will hold about 400 people. Everything will be free of charge from that point. Food will likely be free as well. They are considering using ARAMARK at $5/person or about $2000 for the event. These are finger food and considering bring in food trucks for desserts as well.

  • Want C4C to help with getting volunteers to manage the day-off set up in the Tech Center and the Pavilion. There is already a signup Genius sheet set up.

  • C4C can also help with getting vendors there or participants to the event. There will be tables set up. The set cost has not been set up but looking at $100-$150 per vendor.

  • Looking to getting sponsors.

  • There will be music, entertainment, and presentations. There will be opportunities to get to know people in the community.

  • BASE has been sending out information and advertisements.

  • The Saturday, June 18 will be at AJ Chandler Park event with music 7:00 – 10:00 pm. This event is being spearheaded by O.D. Harris


  • Would like to create a page called Community Connections – would like to list the people we are collaborating with on our website

  • BASE, Charley Taylor’s organization, Gloria’s organization, Etc.

  • DECISION: have the Community Connections page with the organizations that C4C most coordinates – this would include link to their website

  • Please send Bios if you haven’t already done so

Operation Back-to-School Backpack Drive

  • Meeting once a month – For Our City is having the meetings

  • The location will be at Chandler High School, in the parking lot

  • There will need to volunteers on the day of – Saturday, July 16th – 8-10 am but need to have everything clear by noon

  • There will be one lane that goes to 2 lanes and then back to one lane. Everyone will have to go west on Chandler Blvd, i.e. people need to turn into California from the west. There won’t be any additional resources. The only thing that will be handed out will be

  • June 27th, need volunteers to stuff the backpacks. There are 12 schools and 2 charter schools. Any backpacks that are not picked up, will be sent to schools. Any leftovers will go to the Salvation Army.

  • Friday, July 15th will be taken to the Chandler Center for the Arts but will need to go to Chandler High School

  • There are sponsor banners while will be along the parking lot off California.

  • There will be a signup Genius for Operation Backpack volunteer needs. Shawn will send this out later.

  • Chandler4Change is helping with the DEI consultation group. An east Indian group was looking for some collaboration for an event they are hosting on December 22nd.

New Business

CONTIGO: Gloria had the meeting for Chandler Contigo – mid-September to mid-October. C4C had a booth last year and would like to have one this year. Would like to have more families involved. The City doesn’t seem to want to participate this year. Shawn has been talking to Penny at Basha and the Innovation Center has reached out C4C who is interested in participating. His name is Raphael Martinez.

FAMILY EVENTS: Shawn has been working with Afro Scouts to work with book readings. Shawn is looking to do some family events. Looking to set up a pool party at Arrowhead Pool and have food trucks. Looking to have something with the Diamond Backs to use the pool during the games. Are hoping to have the Arrowhead Pool event by the end of this month. Looking to have art events where they get canvases and paint them. Looking to engage the LSU and BSU organizations. Gloria is looking to show positive community impact and break stereotypes.

    • DECISION: C4C wants be engaged in this activity.

    • Gloria is looking to reach out people from local artists and LatinX professionals. Contact Gloria for these contacts.

HOUSING: looking to have RVs for older homeless people. Two RV parks would be interested in selling the RV at a significant discount. People could then sign up to live there. Spoke to Banner but it needs to approved. There would be a small weekly fee for the RV. This is an update and no action is required at this point.

Announcements – Create more awareness or need support

  • Chandler Early College will have the Mayor Hartke speaking at their graduation.

The Name Badges were agreed upon at the last meeting. Shawn and Lynne will research the cost of creating name badges for the July meeting.

Next Month Meeting Time

Tuesday, June 10 at 6:00 pm.

Adjourned at 7:11 pm