Nov 15 2022

Chandler 4 Change Board Meeting 11/15/2022

Meeting called to order at 6:04 pm on Zoom


  • Board

    • Shawn Charles +

    • Diana Crawford

    • Gloria Garza Wells

    • Michael Franklin +

    • Dr. Danielle Gilliam +

    • Brenda Girolamo +

    • Lynne McKay +

    • Miya Mitchell

    • Shawn Mitchell +

    • Peggy Schlesinger +

  • Others

    • Charley Taylor

  • Minutes were approved from 10/13/2022

Reports of Officers and Committees

  • Shawn Mitchell, President

  • Lynne McKay

    • Bank Balance is $1575.09 PayPal Balance $141.07

    • Expenses were $8.00 for Nov

    • Nov $157.91 for insurance and this will be a monthly cost along with the $8 bank expense

    • Received $400 from City of Chandler Special Events Grant

    • Donations of $50 for ICAN

    • In-Kind Southside Village of $100

Unfinished business

  • For Our City Day

    • Feedback – Great working together, the couple were delighted with the painting of their home, nice to meet with people from other organizations

  • Website Update

    • The website has been updated with pictures from the For Our City Day and included Community Contacts but there are more to be added. If people have businesses to add, please contact Brenda

    • All the minutes have been added as well

  • Southside Village – South Chandler Historic Neighborhood Project

    • Currently only have one volunteered signed up but need a lot more people

    • The city paid for everything

    • The city will reveal the playground and the historical plaques

    • Charley is going to be giving out Thanksgiving boxes

    • Brenda will volunteer

    • In a previous meeting, the following people:

  • Race4Unity

    • Shawn will talk with Peggy regarding gift wrapping group and the student groups

    • Dr. Danielle Gilliam will put together a gift basket – no alcohol

    • Charley will volunteer and will share with her organization

    • Shawn Charles needs some information to share and he can volunteer with some friends

    • Brenda will volunteer

  • Multicultural Festival

    • Jan 14 – 11 am – 6 pm, informational booth, do this as a networking

    • Consider having a QR code for people to register as members and/or learn about what we are doing

    • DECISION: C4C will have a booth at the Multicultural Festival

    • Looking for assistance – Dr. Danielle Gilliam will help with the booth on the day of

    • Looking for ideas for the table

  • MLK

    • No new information – Keasha will speak from BASE – Congregational Church on Cooper between Chandler and Pecos – There will be a mini march, Sun Jan 15

New Business

  • Student Conference

    • Doing a conference for students, this needs to be planned and would occur between Feb – April. This would be for bringing different organizations together and exposing the youth to them. Charley Taylor has a collection of programs already in place for youth. Consider having Charley featured in an upcoming meeting. Consider looking at service organizations and/or diversity, but the next meeting will include a brainstorm on what the conference would look like.

    • DECISION: Have Charley present at the next meeting.

  • Non-Discrimination Ordinance – was passed by the City Council on Nov 10th

  • Holiday Event – Social Event and networking

    • Find location

      • Event for the board in December – Friday, Dec 16th at 6:00 -10:00 pm tentatively set at Shawn Charles’ home

      • Event for the group people in January

Next Month Meeting Time

Thursday, Dec 8 at 6:00 pm on Zoom

Meeting concluded at 7:08 pm