Novmeber 19, 2020

November 19, 2020



· Review of Articles of Incorporation and By-laws being developed and almost complete

· Will look to submit paperwork by Dec 1, 2020

· Name application to be completed

· If needed, finalize Fiscal Sponsorship until approval

COVID kits

· Ready to go and set date for bagging contents

· ID areas for distribution

· Volunteers to sign up for bagging and distribution

· Distribution on Dec 19 with time set and locations identified

Virtual events

· Coffee with a cop

· City Council discussions

· “Podcasts”

· Others

· Poetry Slam

· All on hold til January

Devotional series

· Flyer developed and to post on Social Media possibly website if running


· Company, Nobile Minority based in CO, to donate 10% of proceeds for month of November

o Kudos to marketing of Jocelyn M

· Polo donations of $10 or any additional

· All collections to go to establishment of C4C and development costs (i.e. paperwork submissions)


· Harris park

· Circle back to support original caravan community South Chandler and C4C “birth”

o Discussion of pursuit of playground development

o Peggy to make contacts with City and logistics for approval and costs

§ UPDATE: Virtual meeting on new developments at 1:30 11/21/20

o Info shared at next meeting

Christmas holiday community engagement

· Collaboration with Boys and Girls Club for family adopt a family program

· Sign ups from Dr. Gilliam, Shannon, Shawn C., Jocelyn, Anna, Lynne, Miya, Mike F., Shawn M.

Trees program

· On hold til January

Museum visit

· Sign up for date available

· Get Polos

· Pictures and interviews of attendees

· Post on developing website and current Social Media platforms

Community Yard clean ups

· Connect with City Neighborhood Programs for need

· Create opportunity for December

Creative Expressions completion collaboration with City of Chandler

· Rori provided overview of progress and invite of additional judges

o Link at: if interested

§ Deadline to volunteer and judge Monday 11/23

· Share out of winners and acknowledgement at next meeting

· Sign up for volunteer support

Sign ups

· Spreadsheet for sign ups

o Kudos to Nailah H for developing

· Museum

· COVID kit bagging

· COVID kit distribution

· Take place first 3 Saturdays of December

Next meeting set for 12/10 at 6pm

· Mark your calendars!!