September 17, 2020

September 17,
Summary A

C4C met twice during the month of September from 6pm-7:30pm.

· 9/3/20 the group discussed progress yet subcommittees shared they spent the 2 week timeframe connecting with other members within the subgroups and getting projects established.

o New template was put together for each subcommittee chair to utilize allowing common task identification for each project. Goal is to ensure at each meeting sub-chairs address:

§ Subcommittee—to remind group of

§ Vision—allows directed focus and definition/direction of subcommittee for new members

§ Project name

§ Project lead

§ Goal

§ Back-up—who picks up when chair is unavailable

§ Description of project

§ Key actions for 2 week period—help to stay task oriented

§ Risks/issues—how can group help subcommittee/what help is needed

§ Key Discussion areas

§ Supplies and resources

§ Date/time of anticipated project

§ Budget

§ Location

o Sub-chairs took a practice run on 9/3 using the template to address what they had been working on and completed up to 9/3.

§ Each were in infancy stages of completing tasks and hone ideas of direction of subcommittee and how C4C will be active in parts of the community in the weeks ahead.

· C4C met on 9/17 allowing subcommittees to share out and request assistance where applicable.

o Shawn reviewed his intent to create a 501 c 3 for C4C. Process has begun and he will be sharing stages of process in meetings to come.

§ Due to need for financial support at times for projects, marketing, resources, etc., he described the need to develop this to create and solidify C4C as an established non-profit.

§ It is recognized C4C is a voluntary action group currently and the goal is to create a sustainable organization for the future

§ Currently, 3 different monetary support conversations have occurred and are now looking to provide support and waiting for the completion of this important step

o Shawn described the development of a Board in the months ahead to continue to have direction established and to initially begin the infrastructure of a non-profit.

§ C4C members are asked to consider this as an option of participation

§ Work on the Development of By-laws and Articles of Incorporation

o Leadership team will begin to be formulated in addition to the identification of the subcommittee chairs as a leadership development group within C4C

o Website is being finalized and will be shared out in the weeks ahead for review, suggestions and alterations before it is launched.

§ Will allow direction and communication of C4C

§ Provide a networking resource for the community

§ Opportunity to direct any and all interest to one location to define C4C direction, projects, articles, blogs, video series’, and activities to name a few

o Gen Z

§ Updated group on focus of younger population becoming a part of C4C

§ Vision is being defined and modified with intent to share Vision at next meeting

§ Request k-12 assistance by reaching out to schools in Chandler in some way and using those within group to provide awareness of C4C and draw interest

§ Poetry contest being worked on with initial date of Oct 30th.

· Timeframe was determined to be fairly soon and impacts registration due to Fall Break in CUSD

o Shawn will follow up with Walter on timeframe and logistics to provide support and work to connect individuals

· Walter will provide an update on the Poetry Slam, Vision and possible art contest

o Dr. Gilliam and May M. have shared some artists they have in mind and clarified if the project is open or looking for specific work

o Criteria was a question (i.e. live and/or work in chandler, theme, outside of city, state, location, size)

o Cultural Events

§ Current goal is to identify events taking place

§ Look to connect gaps in the city

§ Make awareness of upcoming ideas/events to join and/or support for C4C

§ All information heard or seen please send to Gloria

· She will work to send emails

· Connect with Social Media to place on FB, Twitter, Instagram

· Asks to create word-of-mouth in respective circles of C4C to provide awareness, attendance and support for respective events in Chandler

o Healthcare

§ Developing COVID kits with hopes of walking neighborhoods to pass kits out

· Considering identifiable locations with high need

· Work with city and/or internet to locate high risk areas and concentrations of high or unknown cases

· Due to 85224 and 85225 being the highest of concern at last review of data, these areas will be first to support

§ Finishing a brochure that will be placed in the bag (kit) reviewing safety and precautionary information

§ Need sanitizer for bags

o Social Media

§ Reminded all members of the goal to field events, ideas, activities within groups in C4C.

§ Shared older projects (i.e. caravan, Census 2020) were too far back thus the need to put things out to create awareness and draw attention

· See Social Media as another marketing source and begin demonstration of collaborative efforts of C4C with all organizations, businesses, volunteers.

· TAKE PICTURES or send small write-ups to be posted and highlighted of meetings, while out in community, other events etc as reps of C4C and sharing activities in the community

§ Social media outlets are direct source and goal is to create:

· a voice/participation outlet

· share meetings, information, times for new interest

· consider any flyers, verbiage, alerts can be sent to Social Media to allow posting of information to reach various platforms

o Shawn shared discussion with Crystal B. on holding a virtual forum on topics in the upcoming weeks to create via virtual format:

§ How to have conversations surrounding cross-cultural differences, stereotypes, and biases with generations

· Points to consider when talking/interacting with family of opposing views during the Holiday season

§ Viewing generations through a cross-cultural lens

§ Definition of cross-cultural, diversity, inclusion, and equity

§ Strategies for removing barriers to encouraging cross-cultural diversity for self, workplace and social community

o Reminder of virtual focus forums on:

§ Coffee with a cop (officer(s) of color perspective/lens)

§ Topics of interest to be generate to meet with:

· Current City Council Leaders

· Incoming City Council Leaders

· Possibly both at different times and a wrap up comparison/identification of future legislation and activities

o Chris addressed the Chandler Museum exhibit “Bigger than Boxing: Zora Folley the 1967 Heavyweight Title”

§ Mr. Folley was a Chandler resident whom fought Muhammad Ali

§ C4C members go together to be a visible group and experience exhibit

§ Earnest will look to identify opportunities and times to visit

o Gloria/Peggy welcomed C4C to share out and are invited to join:

§ Unity Interfaith Devotional on Wed Sept 30 at 7pm sponsored by Baha’is of Chandler

§ Contact one either for more information or how to sign up

o Possible opportunities to help in the community were discussed

§ Need for paraphernalia when in the community to I.D. C4C

o Voting awareness ideas?

§ When, where, what it looks like

o Polos are on hold until the logo can be created in usable format

§ Chris and CC to work with company to determine needs and complete

§ Anyone interested and not provided size to Shawn should do so ASAP