Peggy Schlessinger

I have lived in Chandler for 28 years. I worked for Intel Corporation for 20 years as an Enterprise Architect, specializing in data. My job was to understand the information and its relationship to other data, making it available to all. I think in C4C we are still looking for relationships and how can we all work cooperatively together, to the benefit of all. As a Baha’i, I believe strongly in the essential need for justice for all peoples.

In the City of Chandler Diversity Advisory Group meeting, there were three areas defined as focus areas.  When Shawn Mitchell talked about his vision to address issues related to Unity and Black Lives Matters, I was hooked. I appreciated the positive approach to address issues for those in need of support or a voice. We need to address the prejudices in our society in order to have a just and unified society, and I felt this was one way I could, in my small way, make a difference.

There are many past Chandler4change events that I feel I grow and build stronger friendships with others, and is it that what it’s all about in growing a unified society. I think the first Juneteenth experience was the most impactful, and perhaps because it was our first event. I loved the excitement of the caravan as well as the communication from the historic South Chandler neighborhood. It gave me the opportunity to hear from the people I wanted to help and this helped set the direction for me. 

While being a part of C4C I want to accomplish making friendships with people who I might not have met otherwise as our paths may not have crossed. I also hope to make Chandler a more open and welcoming community to all.