Shawn Mitchell

Shawn Mitchell is a citizen of and employed within the City of Chandler. Shawn is an administrator in the Chandler Unified School District. He participated in the Chandler Chamber Leadership Institute, intending to learn the inter-workings of Chandler with fidelity. He graduated with the Class of 33, serving as one of the Quad-Chairs for the incoming Class of 34.


During a typical day, he works with families and youth to meet educational and career goals focusing on plans of success for the future after graduation. He previously served as a Board Member for the Boys and Girls Club of Chandler, assisting with community programs, working with the youth, and facilitating tennis programs for young people ages 7 through 14. 

Shawn has spent the past five years working with the Chandler Men of Action (CMOA), supporting efforts within Chandler and assisting with annual CMOA events. Chandler Men of Action is an organization of black men who work to create an environment of hope and opportunity for African-American youth.

In 2020 Shawn, and fellow Chandler citizens, created a grassroots organization, Chandler4Change (C4C), to support the community and those that may be under-served and/or under-represented within Chandler. C4C builds relationships between diverse communities within Chandler to increase opportunities for all. This newly formed organization has participated in neighborhood caravan celebrations, Juneteenth events, support of cultural programs and efforts by the City, and participating in neighborhood improvement programs, while meeting and increasing friendships and allies in the community. Shawn has been honored as one of the 2021 Men of Chandler, MLK Jr. Keeping the Dream Alive Award, and Chandler Men of Action 2021 Man of the Year for his community work, supporting efforts in education and working to be a representative lead for community change.